Why private keys need – and now have! – failure-proof security

Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are constantly attacked by hackers. If a private key is stored online or also known to individuals other than the user, security risks arise. The private key stored on the new Chainlock card of the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) has no such weak spots. It was developed in cooperation with Coinfinity based on its secure entropy technology and ranks among the most secure private keys in the world:

  • The key pair is generated in a high-quality procedure, for which a patent application has been filed: not a single person can ever see this private key.
  • Key verification is carried out by a machine without human input.
  • The private key is stored offline and at no point available online.
  • It is known to the user only.
  • High-security materials used in the production of the Chainlock card minimize the security risk.





Whom the Chainlock card is ideal for

The Chainlock card is the ideal solution for sellers and traders of cryptocurrencies. It is also perfectly matched to their customers’ needs, who want to know their investments are stored in a highly secure place both in the medium and long run.

  • secure storage

  • secure gifting

  • secure bequeathing

  • secure transferring

Before using the Chainlock card

Check the security features via the app.

Charging the Chainlock card

  1. Scan the address as a QR code on the card (or, alternatively, enter it manually) using your preferred digital wallet.
  2. Charge any amount of a cryptocurrency to the Chainlock card – you can also recharge the card several times.
You can check the amount of the cryptocurrency using a block explorer or the Chainlock app.

Discharging the Chainlock card

  1. Expose the private key beneath the security seal / protective sticker.
  2. Scan the private key as a QR code (or, alternatively, enter it manually) using your preferred digital wallet.
  3. Load the cryptocurrency from the Chainlock card into your digital wallet.
The security seal can be removed in advance to check the existing private key. It can then be covered again with the provided protective sticker.

The private key should only be read by the Chainlock card’s user and in a safe surrounding. The private key provides access to all cryptocurrency amounts linked to the card.

A broken security seal (“seal broken”) is a sign that a manipulation has occurred.




Security at a glance

  • Key generation

    Key generation in the high-security zone of the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD): the generation procedure, for which a patent application has been filed, ensures that nobody can view the key pair – not even OeSD staff.

  • Effective counterfeiting protection

    the security seal ensures that the private key cannot be secretly read; the signature procedure, for which a patent application has been filed, protects against an exchange of the address.

  • Secure and convenient hardware

    the card is robust, handy, credit-card-sized as well as water- and heat-resistant.

  • Secure storage

    at any secure place (private safe or safe deposit box in a bank).

  • Simple use

    an IT background is not necessary

  • 100 % offline

    unauthorised access to the private key via internet, WLAN, NFC, CryptoLocker, private-key scammers, etc. can be ruled out entirely.

  • 100 % independence

    coins created through forks benefit the private key’s owner.

  • 100 % user autonomy

    the user is the sole person who can access the private key.

Physical security check


Digital security check

The app will guide you through the process. ChainLockCode (CLC) is an additional security feature and a component of the unique procedure for which a patent application has been filed. It further protects the information on the card cryptographically and enables a check of this information with the Chainlock app.

High-security features

Many further security features serve as reliable forgery protection for the Chainlock card. They include, among other features:

  • microprinting on the front and back side
  • continuous colour gradient (Iris print)
  • patterns visible in UV and infrared light




Where can I get a Chainlock card?

coinfinity cardwallet
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Apps for iOS und Android

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Innovative products for secure digital identities

The Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) Group  is an Austrian high-security company with a focus on secure identities.

As a full-service provider of ID and e-government solutions, OeSD develops, implements and offers personalisation solutions for identity documents such as the highly secure Austrian passport.

In 2018, the portfolio was extended through the innovative spin-off YOUNIQX Identity AG, which offers solutions in the field of secure digital identities. With MICK (My Identity Check), the highly secure video identification service, MIA (My Identity App), the world’s first system offering integrated identity management, and Chainlock, the secure private key, the company is optimally prepared for the digital future.




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